Where it all began.

I started my running journey 3 years ago when I ran my first 5k. It was a Halloween themed race and I was so excited about it. I somehow even convinced the guy I recently started dating to join me! I woke up early that Sunday morning to pouring rain but was still so determined to run the race. I don’t know whether it was me wanting to impress this guy or just not being awake enough to realize what I was getting myself into but I put on my raincoat and running gear and headed to the starting line. The rain got worse as the morning went on and by the time we picked up our bibs we were frozen and drenched. I’m glad we decided to forgo costumes because the poor man soaking wet in the chicken costume did not look fun. Soon the rain turned into a full-blown nor’easter hail and all but the gun went off and we were running. It was the worst race conditions I’ve ever experienced to this day HOWEVER the feeling I got when I crossed the finish line was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and despite the horrible weather I was hooked! I loved the feeling of accomplishment and pushing myself further than my comfort level. I immediately went home, took a hot shower and signed up for another race. *Fun fact: that guy I recently started dating and convinced to run 3.2 miles with me in the middle of a hail storm is now my husband. Talk about timing is everything! 🙂

(Excuse the poor quality but this was Jon and I before the race)


Traveling on the other hand was ingrained in me during childhood. My parents have always loved to travel. They took my older sister to Munich (Oktoberfest nonetheless!) when she was 2 and when I was 6 we did a month-long trip around Europe. They never had the fear of traveling with kids, taking us on long plane rides or exposing us to things at a young age, and for that I am forever grateful.  So a big shout out to my parents for the early onset of wanderlust! I haven’t traveled to nearly as many places as I hope to but I am well on my way and looking forward to documenting all of my future journeys.

That brings us here, my blog. Naturally, a passion for running and a passion for traveling are the perfect marriage. My absolute favorite thing to do when I’m in a new place is go for a run. From getting completely lost in Regents Park in London to finishing off a river run in Philly with a climb up the Rocky steps, running truly is the best form of sightseeing. I can’t promise that I will be a traveling roadshow; there are things like family, work and just plain life that take priority over seeing the world and running races every weekend BUT I can promise that this blog will be a little of everything 🙂




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