I’m officially sidelined with an injury. It’s been one week and I’m past the denial faze so I can finally talk about it ;). Last Monday night I was taking Finley outside and caught the edge of the last stair on the way out of my apartment complex and sprained my ankle. I immediately panicked because I heard a pop and a crack so I assumed the worst. I hobbled up the stairs and frantically screamed for Jon to come save me. I may or may not have shed some tears (I’m a baby, I know) I spent the next few hours icing and diagnosing myself on WebMD. I was a mess and of course the only thing I could think about was not being able to run. On the upside this was after my half marathon, because if this had happened the week prior and I couldn’t race I would have been completely devastated. Luckily, my marathon training plan is set to start June 9th so I prayed this was not serious. The next day I went to the doctor and she examined my ankle and declared it a bad sprain (THANK YOU!!!) I would have skipped out of her office if I could. A sprain I could handle, a broken ankle not so much.

It’s been very hard to not run this past week because I feel like my fitness level is dropping by the day but you gotta do what you gotta do. The ankle still hurts but it’s definitely getting better and I know I need to be patient. My sister (Doctor D’Amato!) is a physical therapist so she sent me some exercises to do and if I feel up for it I’m going to try and go for a small run on Saturday. In the meantime I’m catching up on movie dates with Finley. She made me watch Marley & Me and we cried together.


I’ve also been catching up on some serious sleep and LOTS of quality family time. Finely is getting SO big! Everyone said lab puppies grow up in the blink of an eye and they were spot on! It seems like yesterday we picked her up at 7 ½ weeks old and now she is almost 5 months.

photo 3

I miss her being so small that we could scoop her right up but I love the size she is now and the little adventure dog she is becoming. Although I love training for races this month off of a rigid training plan means spontaneity and endless adventure whenever wherever! We have A LOT of new parks and trails to explore with this little lady this summer and this weekend we’re taking Finley on her first camping trip!

image (1)


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