New kicks to kick off Memorial Day weekend.

My new kicks arrived last week and I took them for a spin right away! It was my longest run since the half marathon and spraining my ankle and it felt great!


I’m SO partial to Asics GT2000s it’s not even funny. I’ve tried them all (not really but close) and thank goodness for Road Runner Sports because they let you test out new shoes and you have 90 days to decide if you want to keep or return. Last summer I must have visited the store every other week. First I tried the Brooks Ghost 6 and my arches were killing me. Then I tried the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s and we stuck it out for 2 weeks before my arches called it quits. I even tried Superfeet insoles to try to make it work but my feet were just not having it. So… I did what I should have done straight from the start and bought the next model of my trusted Asics GT2000s and it was obvious we were meant to be. If you have high arches I highly recommend these shoes, they are the best and I’m on my 4th pair. (these are the GT2000-2s)

Can you believe Memorial Day Weekend just passed by? This was the LONGEST winter ever but for some reason time has just been flying since April, make it stop! For the next 100 days I will be soaking up every ounce of sunshine I can get. I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend and a great kick off to summer. We kicked ours off right with lots of boating on the lake. It was Finley’s first time on the boat and she LOVED it! She is just as happy as can be out on the water and even got comfy in her life jacket.


I was also able to fit in a little 4 miler on Sunday morning around my first ever running route. Since l moved out 4 years ago I always try to fit this run in whenever I go back to my parents house. There’s just something about this little lake loop that makes me so appreciative of the town I grew up in. It’s a beautiful little suburban community in northern New Jersey and it will always hold a VERY special place in my heart no matter where we end up one day.


This “rest” month flew by. I’ve been taking it really easy with running over the past few weeks just keeping my fitness up but making sure to enjoy relaxing and the start of summer and most of all sleeping in. BUT with that said, I’m excited to get back into training mode. I’m kicking off the marathon training this weekend with a 10k on Sunday. 20 weeks from Sunday I will be able to say I’m a marathoner. CAN…NOT….WAIT.


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