Weekend getaway to the mountains.

2 weeks ago we had an AMAZING weekend in Catskills, NY. This was our third year doing this little weekend getaway and each year we find a new house to rent so that we can explore new territory. The house we rented this year was the best yet; a gorgeous cottage on 5 acres in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, aka heaven… It was perfect. It had an old cozy Cape Cod cottage feel to it and a wonderful screened in porch. The best part was that they were dog friendly and half of the property was fenced in so Finley could run around off-lease. Living in a condo in the city we feel so bad that the only place Finely can really run and play like a puppy is at the dog park and when we go to my parents house so knowing that she would have all this property to herself all weekend sold us from the start.

It was pouring rain when we got there Friday night so we sat on the screened in porch with a bottle of champagne and talked for hours. Saturday we did a big hike in the morning and then spent the rest of the day relaxing on the deck watching Finley run around. I swear if dogs could smile she was, she absolutely loved it! Sunday we did some more hiking before heading home. The weekend was a blast from start to finish. It’s just so nice to get out of the city and into the mountains for a couple of days. As much as we love New York City and our life along the Hudson River we always prefer to be in the woods away from it all. That’s our happy place. 🙂



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