Happy national running day!


Running for me goes way beyond exercise. It has made me a stronger, healthier, more dedicated and overall happier person. It’s gotten me through some really tough times and has made the best days even better. Running is totally mental, it’s all about pushing yourself further to see what you are made of. With every new distance you cover or day you decided to get out of bed when it was the last thing you wanted to do, you learn more about your spirit and the type of person you are. Running makes you the best version of yourself.

This morning I ran a mini tempo run to celebrate this lovely run holiday 🙂


I really love this quote by Kara Goucher, it’s so true.  I learn something new about myself on each run (mostly that I am way stronger than I ever imagined) and the time I spend alone on my runs is so therapeutic. It’s my reflective time where I don’t have to do anything but just put one foot in front of the other and be happy. During my runs I’m definitely making mental to-do lists and thinking about the day to day, but mostly I’m thinking about how great life is and what my body is able to do. I feel so lucky to be able to run and that my legs are strong enough to take on new challenges every year. Running has helped me overcome the toughest time in my life and push forward. It’s become “my thing” and made me the person I am today; strong, confident and full of appreciation and love. I’m grateful for every mile.

Why do you run??


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