Week 3, hydration and gels.

Last week I really started to think about hydration and fueling my runs properly especially as I start to head into the double digit long runs. I’m not one of those crazy nutrition people, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, atkins- no thank you. For me it’s simple, everything in moderation and if you reeeally like to eat (like me!) and you reeeallyy like to drink(like me!) then you better reeeally like to exercise too. With that said, I eat what works best for my body and makes me feel good so as I start to amp up my training I want to make sure my body is fueled properly. I’ve started making protein shakes post-run using Trader Joe’s whey protein and frozen fruit which has filled me up but I’m not sure it’s really helping me recover faster. I’d really love to find something that has protein and vitamins and made specifically for female athletes recovery. The hunt is on…



As for fueling my runs I’ve been using Sports Beans with caffeine before and during all runs over 7 miles which I love, it picks me up bright and early and the carbs help me finish out longer runs. I also really like Cliff Blocks and Gu Chomps with caffeine. These work for me now but I’m still on the hunt to keep trying different gels to find the brand I just can’t live without. Stay tuned as my hunt for the best running fuel continues!


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