Week 7 and a really bad run.

Last week was my highest mileage week in a long time and Friday’s long run was one of my top 5 worst runs of all time. I’m a happy person and this is a happy blog so I’m going to keep this short and sweet- it was HOT, I was tired, my legs felt like lead and I wanted to quit at mile 3. I’m so proud of myself for sucking it up and running all 11 miles but it was not pretty. Everyone has a bad run from time to time so there it is and now I will kiss it goodbye and forget about it forever. Weekly recap:

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 6 miles

photo 1

Wednesday- 3 miles + strength training

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 11 miles

photo 5

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- 3 Miles

In other news, I’m continuing the running fuel & hydration hunt and I’ve been testing out some new products. This week is all about cocogo, a drink powder made with real fruit and coconut water that is packed with electrolytes. I’m loving the raspberry passion fruit flavor. The best part about this product is the taste; it is SO good. I’ve been drinking it all week and it really quenches my thirst before and after running. I’m definitely going to order some additional flavors and keep this as a top contender in the hydration department.

photo 3

During my long run on Friday I ate half a pack of Margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks. I wanted to try these out because they are packed with salt and I figured the extra sodium would help ward off cramps. I definitely didn’t get any cramps during the run but my stomach was in knots the entire time therefore this is a goner, NEXT!


The rest of the weekend was a blast. My sister was visiting from California and it’s always great to see her. She finally met Finley and they were instantly bffs.


Also, my dad bought a stand up paddle board for his boat and I was excited to take it for a spin!

photo 1

We also had a really intense corn hole tournament at my uncles house Saturday night. The men in my family are absolutely hilarious and so much fun (especially when a little Jim Beam Honey is involved). It got pretty competitive, Jon claims he is still sore.

photo 2

Your weekly dose of Finley:

photo 3

Someone REALLY loves swimming, like really really. Jon and I went camping 2 weeks ago and we found this great little secluded lake. She was a little hesitant jumping off the dock at first but once she got in the water we could not get her out it.The cutest dog in the world just got way cuter.

Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying every second of summer like a lab puppy that just learned to swim 🙂


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