Finally! And grabbing this year by the horns.

Finally, my best week yet! I feel like shouting from the roof tops so that’s what I will do. This week kicked butt. I took it easy during the week to try to give my body a little rest so that I could tackle my long run on Saturday and it totally paid off, 12 fantastic miles from start to finish! I slept great the night before and woke up at 5:45am on a Saturday (who does that!) to get my run in before Jon’s flight lesson. It was about 15 degrees cooler at that hour than my usual 9:30am runs and it made a HUGE difference; I could breathe, I felt energetic and I felt like I could run for hours. I also brought a towel with me this time which was a huge help. It’s so hard to wipe your sweat in a tank top mid-run, I must look ridiculous when I do that. Moral of the story: I will never do a long run past 6:30am in the summer again. This was exactly what I needed especially after last weekend’s horrendous long run. I feel so much more confident in this marathon training and I’m 110% ready to take on that 26.2!

Weekly mileage:

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 6 miles

photo 5

Wednesday- 3 miles + hills


Thursday- 1 mile sprint + 6 miles on the bike

Friday- Rest day

Saturday- 12 GREAT miles

photo 1

Sunday- 2 miles

Total= 24 miles

Aaaaand the totally rad reason that I had this awesome run was all thanks to Jonny’s flight lesson being so early on Saturday. Yes, Jon flew a plane!! This has always been on his bucket list and he finally did it. He was super nervous at first but he was a total pro, the instructor even let him take off! I definitely see a pilot’s license in his future. We always joke that one day we will quit our jobs and become professional travelers/ tour guides, now we’re one step closer 😉


This summer has just flown by and it’s sad that everything you look forward to in the winter goes by so quickly but this year is truly all about doing everything and ANYTHING we want. Whether it’s flying a plane, a trip to Alaska, numerous late nights out in the city, a spontaneous trip to Paris or running a marathon, we are grabbing this year by the horns and making every second count. Life is tooooo short to wait for the right time to travel or complete items on your bucket list. People say we are always so busy, and hell yes we are- every second counts and each adventure we take is another story in our wild, fun, roller coaster book of 4


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