18 miles and Paris is always a good idea.

18 miles, 18 whole miles! Who am I? It felt SO good to get this run under my belt. This one was super important to me because for some reason conquering 18 miles makes me pretty confident that I can complete 26.2. I had to stop a few times for water and shade due to the heat but all in all it wasn’t terrible.

Another reason I am SO happy to have gotten up to 18 miles is because I’m taking a few days off from running. There is some MUCH needed romancing & celebrating in order with my handsome husband for our 1 year anniversary! We tried to think of the best place to do all of this romancing & celebrating and obviously decided on PARIS! As Aubrey said…


Au revoir!


Country living and halfway there.

Last weekend we roadtripped to Ohio to visit Jon’s family for the weekend. I absolutely love visiting my in-laws because they live out in the country and it’s such a relaxing change of pace from our city lives. We’re starting to become champs at the 8 1/2 hour roadtrip, it’s really not so bad when you have family (especially an adorable niece and nephew) to look forward to. I had only been to Ohio once for a volleyball tournament before I met Jon and now it’s my second home. Who would have thought this crazy Jersey girl would end up with tractor driving, Carhartt wearing midwest county guy! I love it. You know who also loves our visits out to Ohio, little Miss Finley, she was in heaven all weekend with acres of open land to play in.

photo 4 (3)

We spent a lot of time over the weekend exploring Dublin which is right outside of Columbus and I never wanted to leave because of two things; Jenis ice cream and a chocolate shop that hosts the local running club, my kinda people!

photo 2 (3)photo 3 (3)

Another big perk of being out in the country is that it is perfect for peaceful and scenic runs. Jon joined me for my 13 miler on Sunday (best husband ever).

photo 1 (2)           photo 5 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Side note- If anyone’s reading this in the Columbus Ohio area you NEED to check out Buckeye Bounce. It’s a huge trampoline place thats great for kids and even more fun for adults :)!photo 5 (2)

We soaked up every minute of family time and relaxation all weekend. As much as I love living in the big city, a weekend in the country really hits the spot.photo 1 (3)photo 4 (2)