Cap City Half Marathon Race Recap

How ’bout that 7 minute PR!

Heck yes, that happened. I went into this race with little expectations. I trained for 12 weeks but it was loose training. I did 13.1 miles 3 weeks prior to race day but otherwise I wasn’t as rigid and anal as I usually am about my training, and guess what…it paid off! All the races I’ve trained for in the past I’ve been so worried about the weekly mileage and sticking to my schedule but this time around it was right after our move and in the middle of house hunting so I went into it just wanting to cross the finish line. On the other hand my training runs were fast and I was aiming for that sub-2 but I’ve done that before. I’ve trained averaging 8 minute miles and then choked on race day (I call it my half marathon curse) BUT don’t worry there is a happy ending, on this day the curse was broken!


The race morning was great. I had my usual peanut butter on toast and our friends Hope and Paul picked us up to head downtown bright and early. Paul and I were both in the same corral and Jon stood nearby as our cheering squad. It felt good to be back in downtown Columbus for a race, it reminded me so much of the marathon and made my heart and soul REALLY happy. The gun went off and I felt good. I paced myself the entire race and stuck around the 8:08/min mile range for the first 5 miles. Then mile 6 came and I slowed it down. I saw Jon at mile 7 and my spirits shot back up. Around mile 9 we started to head into German Village and this is where I lost my way. It was SO smokey (there was a huge factory fire in south Columbus the night before) I felt like I was about to have an asthma attach any minute or maybe it was just in my head. Regardless I panicked a little and my pace fell to the 8:40 range. It was a serious struggle to run those last 4 miles but I tried to put it into perspective… 4 miles, that’s an easy day, you got this!… I trucked on through and finished with a 1:52:04- oh snap!!! That is a 7 minute PR for this girl and I could not have been happier A) with that time and B) that that race was over.


At the end of the day, every race has its hiccups but it’s how you react to those obstacles that make you a true runner. I so badly wanted to walk, quit, go get a hotdog at mile 10 but I pushed through. It took everything in me to get up that final hill at mile 12 but when I crossed that finish line I was stronger than I was 2 hours prior. That’s why we do this crazy thing known as running right? To see what our bodies are capable of. At least that’s why I do it. 🙂

Hot Chicken Takeover is the best post-race meal, hands down.IMG_1410


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